# Home Loans Collection


Returns the top 3 recommended home loans based on the following criteria:

Parameter Description
Loan Amount The loan amount the customer is interested to have
Loan Type This could either be a "Refinancing" loan or a "New Property Purchase"
Property Type 4 Property Types - "HDB", "Condominium", "Private-1", "Private-2"

HDB - this refers to the HDB property type
Condominium - this refers to the Executive Condominium property type
Private-1 - this refers to the Private Condominium property type
Private-2 - this refers to the Private Landed property type
Property Status A property is either "Completed" or "Uncompleted"
Interest Type Home loans are either "Fixed" interest loans or "Floating" interest loans

A successful api call would return a home loan package in a JSON format.